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This is a roleplay community for anyone interested in slashing some of our favourite CSIs.

» Community: SL_CSI_RP roleplay community. A Roleplay community for those lovers of the CSI fandom, crime dramas and lovely slashiness. This community was originally created just for the CSI fandom, but can be expanded to all other crime drama fandoms as well. The more the merrier!

» Posting: We would like to keep this community as active as possible, but we understand that there are other commitments that can take precedence in the real world. Which is why we have our Out of Character community, sl_csirp_ooc.If you will be away for a long period of time, just be sure to let us know. We ask that you include the following information when posting a thread:

WHO: (what characters you would like to interact with. You can also list this as [OPEN] if you don't mind who else shows up, or [CLOSED] if this is just between certain characters.
WHERE: (the location(s) where this thread takes place)
WHEN: (rough approximation of time. Can be things like "After shift" or can be in relation to other threads.

» Your Character: Try to keep as close to character canon as you can. It's understandable to switch things up a bit. But if you're really going to go all out there and make Mac Taylor the biggest wimp you've ever met, there should be some reasoning behind it, or 'AU' in the post header. Any and all characters are welcome, whether it be major, minor, or original characters. For lesser known or original characters, we ask that you provide a brief description so we know a little bit about them.

» Join?: PM Don Flack with the character you wish to play plus a sample of your roleplay. You don't have to be a Master at it but it'll help if you can string some good words together.

Important: We would prefer that you make/use a character journal specifically for the characters you are looking to play. It just makes it easier to know who is who.
All new members will be asked to use a character journal and not a personal journal.

Also please make sure you put all OOC posts in sl_csirp_ooc. Your character journal should be for Roleplay and character updates only. We have the OOC for all important OOC info like comings and goings and events in player's lives, in-game plotting etc. Have another roleplay community you'd like to invite members to? We would ask that you just be sensible about what you are posting. You are more than welcome to advertise in the OOC Community, but please use common sense. We don't want anyone to feel they have to join other communities or leave this one if they don't want to.

» Roleplay: Anything goes. Slash, violence, gore. Limited death, obviously you don't want to kill your own character. Ratings: G-X. Any extremely long posts or a post with anything over the PG-13 rating should go behind lj-cuts.We also ask that if there are mature themes in your thread to just put a little notice in the subject line.

» Age: 18+. Since there is slash/porn in here I need to put this up. I'm not saying anyone under 18 is incapable of handling mature themes. Trust me, I don't want this here any more than anyone else does. We all love the porn and the violence, but I'm sure we'd rather not get in trouble for it.

Starting immediately, all player apps must include an age statement. There will be no exceptions.

This community will only accept members with roleplay journals! Some people are submitting regular journals to the comm, you guys can watch it, that's kickass, but to be a member you need to set up a character journal. So set one up and come play!

For Help/Questions: You can contact any mods. Have suggestions? You can reach out to a mod as well. We love feedback and ideas on how to make this community more popular and full of more characters to play around with.




Gil Grissom - AVAILABLE
Nick Stokes - nicky_pup
Warrick Brown - AVAILABLE

Greg Sanders - AVAILABLE
David Hodges - AVAILABLE
Al Robbins - AVAILABLE
Sara Sidle - AVAILABLE
David Phillips - AVAILABLE
Catherine Willows - AVAILABLE
Raymond Langston - AVAILABLE
D.B. Russell - AVAILABLE
Tim Speedle - AVAILABLE
Eric Delko - AVAILABLE
Horatio Caine - lieutant_red

Calleigh Duquesne - AVAILABLE
Frank Tripp - AVAILABLE
Ryan Wolfe - AVAILABLE
Natalia Boa Vista - AVAILABLE
Alexx Woods - AVAILABLE
Yelina Salas - AVAILABLE

New York

Characters from other crime dramas

Mac Taylor - mac_tayl0r
Danny Messer - csi_dannymesser
Sheldon Hawkes - AVAILABLE
Don Flack - donnie_flack

Lindsay Monroe - AVAILABLE
Sid Hammerback - AVAILABLE
Stella Bonasera - AVAILABLE
Jo Danville - AVAILABLE

Feel free to take a minor character like Maxine Velara, etc. and play them here. We also accept original characters but make sure you check with any rpers of canon charcaters before you create them with ties to the featured character.(ie: Grissom's long lost son or something like that)

» Disclaimer: "No flaming! If you're caught bashing or flaming any member here, there will be no second chances. Your privileges will be revoked and your character(s) will be up for grabs. It's just common sense guys.

Two Character Limit - Each member is allowed to control two characters. But, for funs' sake, you can't play, say Grissom and Nick and then slash them together. You might as well just write fanfiction if that's what you're going to do.

Third Person, First Person? - Third person please. For those of you who may not know what that is, here's an example: 'Greg walked through the halls in search of caffeine." Not, "I walked through the hall in search of caffeine.' Simple, right?

So, that's it. Pretty simple, right? Common sense. Anyway, it's better if you read through the rules before you join, or even send a message, and here's why. If you've read through the rules, the message header should say 'Exclusive'. This way you've ensured me that you know what you're getting yourself in to."